Sunday, January 17, 2010

Art Journal January

The following is a page I did today. I was playing with some journal ideas, and decided to make one of the easy journals that Teesha Moore taught on her video. I didn't want it as big as the ones she made (8x10), so I used a bit smaller paper. I used 18x24 Strathmore Watercolor paper. My finished journal is 6x8, which is perfect for what I wanted. Since I finished the last page in my previous journal, I thought it would be best to have something similar in size.
This journal should get me through the rest of this month, and then I can try on another kind of journal.
There are two pictures, to show the flap that folds out.
I used some cream paint for the background, and then some magazine pages.
I also drew a flower with glue and added the fibers to it.
I used gel medium to adhere everything else, since I wanted it to be really stuck, and the watercolor paper is kind of textured. I found that the edges were peeling up with the glue stick.

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