Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Little Fishy

Well, I guess I liked the ATC that I made for the Paper Traders WTA lotto, a little too much, that I had to make one for myself to keep. So here it is. It is a bit different, along the same lines, with the same products, but of course each one is an original, so it is unique.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Go Fish

Here is my latest little art piece. It is an ATC. I have been really sick the last 3 days, and I think I am going stir crazy. At first I thought it was just allergies, but now I think I have a really bad sinus infection, because I can't breathe, and my throat hurts so bad. Anyway, I can't lay down because if I do, I really can't breathe, so I decided if I am going to have to be vertical I am going to do something with myself. So, I tried doing some art.

I didn't get very far because I am having a hard time thinking clearly, but slow and steady I made this little ATC for the Winner Takes All Paper Traders lotto. I am calling it "Go Fish".

The fish on the left side is set with pop dots, which gives him a little dimmension, and his little bubbles are epoxy letters. The fish eyes have been touched with crystal lacquer and the leaves have green glitter on them. Both fish are embellished with metallic gold pen, to give them that shimmer as they "swim". The entire card is then trimmed in gold as well.

Friday, June 13, 2008

This House Is Me

This is page two in my art journal. The journal prompt was to draw or create a house that shows the essence of you. I guess I was feeling a little childish when I colored my house, because I made it very rainbow, and I colored it with cheap little kids watercolor paints from the department store. I intended to make flower boxes under the windows when I got done with coloring it, but then I wanted to keep it really simple, so I didn't draw them in. I was also feeling rather dreamy as I was drawing- hoping for someday to have a home. Not a large home, but one with a pitched roof, and foyer. (Not a mobile home like we live in now.) I know they are big dreams, but they are dreams, and if I don't dream, then I will not have anything to work for right? Now, I am not sure that I want a rainbow colored house. No! I think maybe a sage, or gray colored one, with white trim, and maybe a white picket fence. Very traditional looking, but I am not really picky. I suppose if someone gave me a rainbow colored house I would be thrilled, and I would save my pennies and repaint it someday!

Tin Box

This page is the third page in my art journal. My first digital page. The prompt was to journal something that you are grateful for. At the time, I was feeling rather bummed out because it had been raining non-stop for almost two weeks, and we had this stupid hole in the roof because of the old air conditioner (that didn't work mind you) that leaked like a sieve. Our family is crammed in a trailer house and I had this stupid bucket full of water sitting in the middle of the hallway floor. Needless to say, I think this prompt came at just the right moment, because I needed to really dig inside myself.
Even though I cuss it often, I am truely grateful to live here. We have a HUGE yard, and we are able to do just about anything we want to with the place, and the landlord did fix the hole in the roof- he just couldn't fix it while the rain was pouring because the tar wouldn't seal if it is wet, or cold.
I took a picture of the "ugly" door that is covered in bathroom tub surround- it is interesting to say the least, but now at least it is waterproof. :0) I do have a lovely pot of flowers that was a gift from a friend for helping with her daughters wedding reception. They are so lovely that they look so out of place there, but I love them so much, I don't care!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Art Journal Prompt

I am a member of an all womens Yahoo group, and we have been working on some Art Journal Prompts. This is the information on the prompt:
A Spiral - Art Prompt

~the spiral is seen as a universal symbol for growth, movement, and change.

What does the symbol of a Spiral mean to you?

*Paint, Collage, Doodle, Sculpt, Quilt, Journal, Digitize ... a spiral that originates from deep within your heart center and spirals out into your world surrounding you.

This is the spiral I created, it originated with a photograph of my daughter printed on canvas. The spiral is then done with oil pastel, and some white gesso. I also used some gesso and colored pencil to achieve the flow for her hair. I added the gem for a necklace, and the rhinestones, wings, and crown for accents.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bog of Eternal Stench

I have not had a chance to put anything up on my blog in quite awhile. I have been so busy lately! I have been doing a lot with art, but I have not actually gotten a ton completed. One of the things that I NEEDED to get finished was the pages for Nadines Mythical Creatures Round Robin Journal for our Paper Traders group. She has so many wonderful pages so far, that I was feeling REALLY intimidated by them, and was having a hard time finding my muse. I ended up doing part of it, and then setting it aside for awhile, and then picking it back up and finishing it. The Hoggle character on the left side and the Ludo character on the right side are raised with foam tape, and there are places on the bog that are brushed with a "soupy" green metallic watercolor wash. The owl is watercolor washed with gold.

In the top left corner I attatched, with green eyelets, a "melted" transparency that was also sponged with the green metallic color that was mixed with gel medium so it would stick to it. Printed on it is a conversation from the movie "Labyrinth" that occurred between Sarah, the main character and Hoggle, her "best friend" but the one who is supposed to be leading her astray, but doesn't have the heart to do anything mean; and Ludo, the large creature who doesn't really know very many words, but also has a kind heart, and is trying to help Sarah to reach the castle in time to find her baby brother Toby.