Saturday, August 17, 2013

OH BOY! Blogging without obligation

Well, I guess I will play the "blogging without obligation" card, LOL I have not blogged for almost 8 full months. That is awful. Not that I feel I owe anyone an explanation, but I have been so busy since the first of the year, I have neglected to update on my blog here, but have been keeping up to date on Facebook, so feel free to check that out, there is a link on the left sidebar. So here is a long wrap-up on what has been going on since January when I posted last.
In January, I had a health set-back, and really didn't know what was going on, but I had this extreme pain in my right foot. It started on the top of my foot, and then moved into my right ankle, and it got so bad that I was not even able to put weight on it. I babied it for a week or so, and it went away. Then, in March it came back with a vengeance. This time it was so bad that I couldn't even get from my bed to the bathroom without help. I was in excruciating pain, and my foot swelled so badly that I couldn't even bend my ankle. My foot was so swollen, that it looked like a big puffy balloon, and it took almost 2 1/2 weeks before I could get out of the house to get to the clinic and even then, I had to use a walker, and still need assistance walking. When I went to the clinic the Dr. told me I had Gout. I was shocked, because I had only heard of elderly people getting gout, and thought it was a circulation issue from age. WRONG! Gout is actually a form of arthritis, and is from an increase of Uric Acid in your blood, and most people who develop gout actually have it when they are younger, but many don't get symptoms, til they are older because it takes awhile for the uric acid crystals to build up in the blood and joints. Most people complain of pain and other symptoms in their big toe, but for those of us who have old injuries, can find that the crystals form there. I had an ankle reconstruction when I was younger, and so the Dr. feels that was the reason it was showing in my ankle, and not my big toe, and again, it is a form of arthritis, which usually is present in old injuries. So I have been medicated for Gout now for the past several months, but am still having symptoms pretty regularly, but they are not near as severe as it was back in the Spring, so we may be on the right track with the medication, but just not the right one, or the right dose- I will have that discussion with the Dr. next month when I go back in for a review.
As for other things that have been occurring in our family. Many of you know that my oldest daughter was a Senior in High School this past year, and if you have ever had a High School graduate, you will know that the amount of "things" that pop up and get put into your daily routine, is ridiculous. I don't remember being this chaotic when I was graduating, but maybe my mom would feel differently, as she was probably just as stressed out as I am now. Except for I was her fourth and last child to go through it, and Quincy is my first.
Also, Quincy has been suffering some very bizarre symptoms in the past year that didn't seem to be related in anyway, so we have been to and from the Dr. office for her so often, that I think she was getting sick and tired of being poked and prodded. In March, the Dr. sent her for an MRI, as a precaution and to rule out any possibility that she could have a Pituitary Adenoma. (Brain Tumor in the central part of her brain)
Come to find out, shock of all shocks, that she did in fact have a Brain Tumor, which was causing all the havoc we were trying to get an explanation for. So we were very scared, and totally unsure of what was going on, what was going to be for the future, and how this would be treated- would it be cancer? would she need brain surgery? would she still be able to graduate from High School? would she still be able to plan for College?
With a few more Dr. appointments, we were told, not to change any plans, and not to change any medications, food choices, no environment changes, and to try to keep her stress down. Really? How on Earth are you supposed to keep a 17 year old Senior in High School in all Honors and AP classes from stress, as she is 2 1/2 months from Graduation? We had to wait to see the specialist (Endocrinologist) til the end of June. That is a long time to wait when you have ZERO info and your mind is racing and you worry constantly about what is to come. Although, it was plenty of time for me to do a lot of research on the subject. The internet is an amazing thing, I tell ya! Come to find out there is only a 5% chance of it being cancerous, most of these types of tumors are treated with medication, and only 10% need to have surgery to remove the tumor, it shouldn't affect her knowledge capacity, except for symptoms, like migraines, fatigue, and distraction, and if she is not part of the 10% that needs surgery, unless it is Cushings Disease, she will still be able to attend college. So we just continued on as if nothing would be different.
At the End of May she graduated with HONORS and  we are so proud of her! It was a really long ceremony, and my back was screaming by the end of it, but we made it through. My sister, Beckie was even able to schedule her vacation during that week, so she was able to make it to see Q graduate. :)
When we went to the Dr. In June, we of course had a million test run, and many blood tests repeated to see where things had gone from when we had them done in March. Unfortunately, the test results were not positive. So, medications were adjusted, and more tests run, and, and, and....
When we returned to the Endocrinologist at the beginning of August, the test results showed her levels were all in the NORMAL range! We were so excited, and relieved, and ecstatic, and overwhelmed with positive feelings. We figured it would take many months to years for her to see some progress, but we noticed these changes so quickly, and believe it was God's blessing to her that she will be able to carry on as normal. Now, it doesn't mean the tumor is gone, but it means that with the proper medications, it will not be causing her adverse symptoms, and she should be able to still have children someday when she is older.
We just have to keep an eye on it, and she needs to have regular check-ups and possibly an MRI every year or so to make sure it is still in a manageable state. WHEW!!!
As for this past week or so, Quincy has been getting ready to leave for College- she will be moving into the dorm on Thursday the 22nd! We are down to less than a week. Our house is full of boxes and bins and things for her to take with her. She is anxious and excited. We are anxious and excited too, but mostly for her. She doesn't know if she will have a roommate or not. She applied for a single room, but when they sent her housing paperwork, she had a To Be Announced as her roommate, so she may, or may not have one, we will see on Thursday.
So- I will try to be more vigilant in posting on my blog here, but who knows- we will just have to see what life brings me in the future. I will try to post some pictures of Q, on her first day at the College, and hopefully she will keep posting on her blog as she has time when she is there, and you can follow her on her blog- link in the right sidebar.
Off for now, and hoping you all have a lovely day, and that your lives are full of blessings and priceless memories, I know I am truly blessed, and I love my family more than life itself!