Friday, January 15, 2010

Art Journal January Day 14

Two weeks in, and I am still at it. This is big for me to be able to keep at something this long. I usually get distracted, or sidetracked and give up.
Well, I am setting a goal to finish out the month, and maybe in the meantime I will have created a habit.

Day 14~ wax resist.
This was actually pretty fun, I had first thought of using crayons, and then decided that I wanted the wax to be white, so I used a candle instead.
I started out by writing with the candle on the page, and then I used my water soluble crayons, as well as my watercolor paints. I blended the colors together, and then when it was dry I used a charcoal pencil and smudge stick to add the dimension.
Today was a great day to help me to remember to keep at this and create art everyday. :)

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