Thursday, May 8, 2014

April Showers- SNOW showers!

I was hoping to get one more Journal 52 page done before I make the April wrap up of pages, but I have stewed over how/what I want to do, and have had lots of appointments, and little art time, so it didn't happen. It was a REALLY hard topic for me, but I will go into that next month.
So, I have only 4 pages in April, but here they are:
Week 13 - How Does Your Garden Grow
I have been working on another large project, that I am considering showing progress photos of instead of the completed project, because it is become quite involved. But back to this page-- I have been doing a lot with flowers and fairies, and I was just in the mode to make flower fairy gardens, so here I have created yet another jam packed page with bunches of fairies in among the many flowers. 
Can you find them all?  (there are 21 fairies on this spread) 

Week 14 - Rain or Shine
Well, this is not a very up beat page, but it felt like we were never going to see Spring here in Northwest Wyoming. We are used to Spring storms, but usually sometime in March we start to have a few warm days. Here it was heading into the latter part of April, and still no warm days. The poor flower boxes and pots still have the dried up leftovers from last fall. A few tiny specks of green coming up at the very bottom of the old dried stumps is good news, but I don't see having a beautiful pot of blooming flowers for Mother's Day like I do most years. :( 
If you look closely you will see those darn snow flakes in the sky on my pages, and I think the words speak for themselves. 

Week 15 - Party Animals
These two pages are completely digital except the piece of teal washi tape down the center of the binding, because the edges of the papers were trying to pull up. I wanted to incorporate the lively little bunch of poochies we have here at our house, for this weeks prompt, but by the time I was able to find all the photos, I realized it would be just as easy to put the whole page together in My Memories digital scrapbooking program, then it would to find a coordinating paper in my stash, and print the photos. I think I found just the right pictures of these little buggers!

Week 16 - Recycled Art
I thoroughly enjoyed putting this page together- I had an advertisement for the craft store, that was going to expire before I could use it, so I started the page with all the coupons from the advertisement. Then I stole some wrappers from the girls' Easter candy, and part of the packaging from some Goldfish crackers, the hang tag from my beautiful Hydrangea plant, some stamps and part of the envelope from Canada from a swap I participated in not long ago, a card I got with the plant from my Birthday in March, and then I added some brightly colored washi tape to fill in the empty spaces. I am not sure if I will leave it like this, or add some journaling, but I will decide that later.

Thanks for following my April journey through my art journal pages. I am working on May pages, as well as a few other projects I plan to share, when I find time. That's all for now~