Thursday, January 14, 2010

Art Journal January Day 11, 12 & 13

I've been really busy these past few days, so I apologize to those that are keeping up with me for not posting.
I am really enjoying this challenge, and am squeezing in a little art time everyday. Which is one of my goals this year.

Day 11 prompt was to make a message in a bottle.
The bottle flips open to reveal a message I wrote to myself to read again at the beginning of next year. It should be fun to see how I feel about what I wrote to myself this year.
The supplies I used in this page are:
scraps of decorative paper,
blue, light blue and white acrylic paint,
opaque white pen,
black micron pen,
twinkling H2O paints
watercolor brush pens

Day 12 prompt~ vertical lines
I had fun scribbling on my page with vertical lines, and then dripping paints and alcohol inks.
It was kind of freeing to see the paints running down the page.
I used oil pastels and micron pen for the lines,
then dripped 2 colors of blue acrylic paints down the page, and while it was wet,
I dripped the denim alcohol inks into the paint.
I wrote the title with an opaque white pen, and the words with my fine line micron.

Day 13 prompt~ facing silhouettes
I started with a background of water color paints in big circles, (red yellow and blue)
Then I scraped a layer of white acrylic over the top, which smudged it up quite nicely.
Then I cut out the images from a scrapbook paper, and glued them down facing each other.
I then drew around them with a fine line micron pen, and a 6B charcoal pencil to give it depth.
Then I added my rantings.
It was a good release, and helped me to realize that I need to take care of myself, and let my inner beauty shine!

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