Saturday, June 4, 2011


The new word prompt is nearly upon us, and I am just getting my page for the previous two weeks posted. Oh it has been a busy couple of weeks. I have been getting my girls ready for a 3 day pioneer reenactment trek, and with school ending they have had something going on every day it seems. I am hoping now when they get back from their pioneer trek that they will get summer jobs.
Anyway, back to my page. This last two weeks prompt was Gratitude, and the challenge was a pocket with insert on the page. I used the pocket/insert idea loosely, because I had this idea to use a hand to hold flowers with the things I am grateful for written on the back. I started out the page with some rose Wallies, and then added a few light layers of gesso.  Then I scrunched up a decorative napkin and applied it in the spots where there weren't flowers showing through from the Wallies. Then a light brushing of gesso over the top of that. My Quincy thinks I have a gesso addiction. She may be right, but I don't think that it hurts anything.
Next I attached my image of a hand leaving the fingers loose to allow for the insertion of the flower bunches.  Which I printed several of and cut out, then wrote things I am grateful for on the back of. I used a little brown watercolor crayon around my image to add some dimension and distress, and then added the lace border before inserting the flower bunches into the hand.  Here is how it turned out: