Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A couple of Art Journal pages

I spent today cleaning off my art table, and it looked so nice that I just had to break out my art journal and do some pages. I had actually started on this first page awhile back, and just didn't know how to finish it, so I added the paper flowers, and the lace below the photo. I may still do more with it at a later date, but for now this is how it will stay. (the photo is of mine and my husbands hands atop my bouquet at our wedding, nearly sixteen years ago.

This page was for a prompt I am doing for our Ning site~
The prompt is to choose a word you don't know the definition of, and find the definition and do an art journal page about it.
I found a photo of this peacock, and decided it would be a perfect image for what I was going to journal about.
I have been watching some youtube videos from fridayeudaemonism, and was very curious of her title, so I searched for the definition, and what I found was that Eudaemonia or Eudaimonia means Happiness.
It was a perfect word for my art journal page.
I started with several colors of blue & green paints, dripped all over the pages. I closed the book and squished the paint between the pages. Then I opened the pages and dried the paint with a heat tool. Next I added some white paint and smeared it all around with a wet wipe, and then added the image of the peacock.
I added the word Eudaimonia in jet black StazOn with a shadow in violet, then added the word happiness in several colors of blue and green. I added some large eyelets and a gem eyelet in blue and greens. Lastly I outlined the words in black sharpie.