Saturday, January 30, 2010

Art Journal January Day 28

Day 28- Funky Footprints
I have to say I think today's prompt was the funnest so far, and with just a few days to go, it may just as well be my favorite.
I love the idea of using your feet to help create art. Just goes to show that when creating art, it is definitely a part of the whole you.

When I got done making the footprints, the first thing I saw in the image was a silly cheeky monkey, so I chose to go with it, and draw the doodles in and make matching monkeys in a heart.
The footprints are done with wildflower colored ink, and then I used colored sharpie markers to accent, and for the tail and ears I used a magenta watercolor pencil, and a water brush.
The toes are the backside of kitties, and a bunch of silly mice.
When I was all finished I added some glitter as accents.

Art Journal January Day 27

Well, this is really not the page for the Day 27 prompt, which is eraser art, but I just couldn't get my head wrapped around the whole reverse part of scribbling and then erasing what I want to show up- it is just so backward for me. Not saying I won't give it a try, but I have to think about it for awhile, before I give it a go.
SO- here is my substitute page, which is just one to "reflect" on.
It carries a lot of reflection both in the imagery, and in the colors. I use several metallic paints, and silver ink to make everything cohesive.

Art Journal January Day 26

Here is my page for Day 26- The prompt was hearts.

It is hard to see, but it is spritzed with pearl ink, so it is shimmery. That is why the picture is at an angle. And the "gold" heart is actually a pretty shade of green, with gold shimmery scroll work. The heart at the bottom of the page, is an origami heart, if you look closely you can see the folded paper makes a four pointed star (around the letter T)

Art Journal January Day 25

Less than a week to go, and I have been at it every day without fail. I am running out of creative things to say, so I will just post the picture, and let you make your own opinions of it. :)

Day 25- prompt: Birdcages

Monday, January 25, 2010

A little message to viewers-

I am having a bit of computer trouble at the moment, so I may not be able to post my pages every day.
I think the thing finally gave out for good. I guess I got my money's worth out of, but I sure don't have the funds to replace it, so I am working on the girls' computers when they aren't at school.
It's a bit of a pain, but I will make do with what I can for now.
Hugs, and I hope you will all stay with me through the rough patch.

Art Journal January Day 24

Day 24- hand carved stamps
I started with a bunch of stamped images from a stamp I carved, and stamped with different colors of StazOn inks. I then added the magazine clipping, and then I stamped the wings (another hand carved stamp) I used my reverse stamp so the I could have them going different directions. Next i took a piece of punchinella (sequin scrap) and laid it down, and smeared some artist cement through the holes, and then removed the punchinella. It left the nicest little white dots. I took some swabs and dipped then in alcohol inks (stream and wild plum) then smeared them on the artist cement dots. Then I took a charcoal pencil and blended it with a smudge stick, around the girl. I did some distressing around the outside with distress ink. Lastly I stamped the text lines across her front, and did some more journaling about what art journaling means to me.

Art Journal January Day 23

Day 23- one word page
Decorating a page with only one word. Well, I did sneak in a little image of a girl, but I just felt inspired, and I have given myself the freedom to interpret as I wish :) The whole freedom thing- loving it!
Other than the one image, the whole page is done with One Word. WONDER.
I have used a myriad of colored markers. Some of the words are done with watercolor brush pens, and watercolor crayons. Most of them are sharpies, but I also threw a few others in the mix.
The background is done with some stamped masking tape, and then painted it with twinkling H2Os, and some silver ink, to give it shimmer.

Art Journal January Day 22

9 days left, I think I will actually make it. This has been a rewarding experience, and I hope that it will help me to continue with my art journaling, and to take the time when I feel inspired to create. Not worrying if my studio is clean, or my supplies are unpacked. Just create with what you have on hand, and make it from the soul.

Day 22- layered transfers.
Sounds easy enough- HA HA! I think I started over 3 times, and finally decided that whatever came out on the last one, I was going to work with it no matter what.
Something to remember- the dark colors make it impossible to see the fine details of transfers that are on top of them. Keeping it simple this time, I didn't get as many layers as I had planned, but at least I had something to work with.
Definitely a thin coat of gel medium, and a lot of pressure. It is a touchy sort of thing.
After I got the transfers done, I decided to make it messy with some border stamps, bird stamps and a saying.
I muted the border stamps with some gesso, and added some alcohol ink smears for backgrounds, and some watercolor crayons for a little extra color.
Lastly I added some outlines to help the small flower transfers pop.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Art Journal January Day 21

Day 21 and counting!
Today we were to create a mandala. I chose to stay with my theme, and to write some positive self affirmations to help me to grow, renew and revive.

I started in the center and worked my way out by using several different media. First it was some green and blue water color brush pens, in two different colors of each. Then green and blue water color crayons, again in two different shades of blue and green.
Then blue and green oil pastels. Next I went over everything with blue and green water soluble pencils. Lastly I added some silver ink, and some blue and green twinkling H2Os.
I added some text stamps, and then I wrote my affirmations around from the center words. I added a little charcoal pencil and smudged it for depth. That's it- pretty simple, and it is quite shimmery.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art Journal January Day 20

First off, I want to say that this page was a huge disaster, and did not start out very well. I had these great ideas in my head, and not one of them came out on paper correctly. I started with the scraps of paper background, and then a very light coat of gesso. My intention was to use an opaque StazOn to stamp the butterflies, then blend around them with a charcoal pencil but it didn't show up at all. So I then tried colored StazOn, but I did not like the starkness of the brown, so I attempted to paint them with Twinkling H2Os, but that was not very successful, and they looked really weird colored that way, so I decided to cover them with gesso. I was thinking about starting all over, but as I started to coat them with gesso, the butterflies started to soften, and I was beginning to think they weren't so bad after all. So I blotted on the gesso, and then when it was dry, I traced around them with a charcoal pencil and blended with a smudge stick. The gesso ended up covering most of the background paper, but it was ok, since it just softened the colors and prints. I then added the lettering words with a fine line Micron pen, and then added some streaks of silver ink to give it a little pizazz.
I guess it goes to show that even the worst mess of a mistake can be worked into something nice.

Art Journal January Day 19

Day 19- mosaic page.
I started out with a water colored background of mosaic tiles, but to me it looked like a big cozy quilt, so I laid down a coat of gesso over the top of my watercolor. Then I added some stamped images with StazOn and Distress inks. Next I used a fine line Micron pen to doodle and journal, and lastly I added a few highlights, (like the hearts) in colored sharpie markers.
It was a fun page, even though it doesn't look at all like I thought it would when I started.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Art Journal January Day 18

I was really excited about today's prompt. I have been thinking a lot about home lately, and this gave me a great outlet to express my feelings about "home"
I am very grateful for the home we live in, and for the love and tenderness of my family.
scrapbooking paper snippits
gel medium
watercolor brush pens- (loving my new toys)
charcoal pencil
distress ink

Monday, January 18, 2010

Art Journal January Day 17

Well Milliande got me on this one! I was totally baffled as to what to do, so I found an image of a cupcake and went from there. It was actually once a Duncan Hines advert. but I painted all over it with watercolors, acrylics mixed with heavy body gel medium and some charcoal pencil blended with a smudge stick.
The letters were cut out of magazine pages, and the S is a chipboard shape.
Lots of gesso here and there, and a bunch of flower jems from Heidi Swap, to spice it all up, and Whalla!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Art Journal January Day 16

A little drawing mixed in with my paint fun.
Today we were to make some simple fast drawings of faces. Not worrying about what they will end up like. I left my guidelines in there for the whole simplistic idea.
The page just looked so plain with my sketches, so I started adding paint. I used a flourish stamp and stamped it into my paint to take some away and leave a relief image, then stamped it on another section to make a print.
Once it was dry, I rubbed some gold metallic paint over the top, and then stamped the images in black. Then I distressed the whole thing with tea dye inker.
supplies used:
gesso background
pencil drawings
pink and gold acrylic paints
black StazOn
tea dye ink over the top

Art Journal January

The following is a page I did today. I was playing with some journal ideas, and decided to make one of the easy journals that Teesha Moore taught on her video. I didn't want it as big as the ones she made (8x10), so I used a bit smaller paper. I used 18x24 Strathmore Watercolor paper. My finished journal is 6x8, which is perfect for what I wanted. Since I finished the last page in my previous journal, I thought it would be best to have something similar in size.
This journal should get me through the rest of this month, and then I can try on another kind of journal.
There are two pictures, to show the flap that folds out.
I used some cream paint for the background, and then some magazine pages.
I also drew a flower with glue and added the fibers to it.
I used gel medium to adhere everything else, since I wanted it to be really stuck, and the watercolor paper is kind of textured. I found that the edges were peeling up with the glue stick.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Art Journal January Day 15

Half way through the month! This has been a really enjoyable experience so far. I have filled up one journal and am starting on another one.
Day 15 was to use an image of an arm from the hand to the elbow.
My journal wasn't quite big enough to trace my whole arm, but it was almost half way there.
(I tried)
I chose to trace my hand in a reaching pose, so that I could have it grasp a big star. I chose the star image to help me to remember that I am going to shine. If you read my pages earlier, my word for the year is "Shine".
I took pictures before I finished completely, so the words that are not on the page in the photo, are:
"Shine like the star you are"
(It is written at the bottom of the page.)

I used a sharpie marker for the tracing, the words and a fine line for the outline of all the stars.
I then colored the stars and the curtain at the top with Caran D'Ache watercolor pencils. I lightly colored the background with them as well.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Art Journal January Day 14

Two weeks in, and I am still at it. This is big for me to be able to keep at something this long. I usually get distracted, or sidetracked and give up.
Well, I am setting a goal to finish out the month, and maybe in the meantime I will have created a habit.

Day 14~ wax resist.
This was actually pretty fun, I had first thought of using crayons, and then decided that I wanted the wax to be white, so I used a candle instead.
I started out by writing with the candle on the page, and then I used my water soluble crayons, as well as my watercolor paints. I blended the colors together, and then when it was dry I used a charcoal pencil and smudge stick to add the dimension.
Today was a great day to help me to remember to keep at this and create art everyday. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Art Journal January Day 11, 12 & 13

I've been really busy these past few days, so I apologize to those that are keeping up with me for not posting.
I am really enjoying this challenge, and am squeezing in a little art time everyday. Which is one of my goals this year.

Day 11 prompt was to make a message in a bottle.
The bottle flips open to reveal a message I wrote to myself to read again at the beginning of next year. It should be fun to see how I feel about what I wrote to myself this year.
The supplies I used in this page are:
scraps of decorative paper,
blue, light blue and white acrylic paint,
opaque white pen,
black micron pen,
twinkling H2O paints
watercolor brush pens

Day 12 prompt~ vertical lines
I had fun scribbling on my page with vertical lines, and then dripping paints and alcohol inks.
It was kind of freeing to see the paints running down the page.
I used oil pastels and micron pen for the lines,
then dripped 2 colors of blue acrylic paints down the page, and while it was wet,
I dripped the denim alcohol inks into the paint.
I wrote the title with an opaque white pen, and the words with my fine line micron.

Day 13 prompt~ facing silhouettes
I started with a background of water color paints in big circles, (red yellow and blue)
Then I scraped a layer of white acrylic over the top, which smudged it up quite nicely.
Then I cut out the images from a scrapbook paper, and glued them down facing each other.
I then drew around them with a fine line micron pen, and a 6B charcoal pencil to give it depth.
Then I added my rantings.
It was a good release, and helped me to realize that I need to take care of myself, and let my inner beauty shine!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Art Journal January Day 10

Day 10 and counting!
Today we were to include something burned in our pages. Boy did I make a mess in the studio with this one. (OOPS) Good thing it cleans up easily. lol
I used distress ink and some stamps for the background, and then with white acrylics and watercolor crayons, I painted over the words in the text, (except for a few specific ones)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Art Journal January

While I waited for Milliande to post the next prompt, I just couldn't go a day without journaling. I have gotten this far, and I don't intend to stop now.
So, I decided to just sit down and see what came of it.
I happened upon the pocket in a magazine ad, so I made a pocket page. I used lots of fibers to embellish the page, along with alcohol inks for distressing.
I decided to tuck some little strips of papers in the pocket, that have some very personal goals and hopes for the future.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Art Journal January Day 9

Day 9 of January Art Journaling.
Today's prompt was a really cool one- to use masking tape in your pages.
I started off with a background of yellow ocher and burnt sienna acrylic paint, then a light coat of gesso over the top.
I added the masking tape in a criss-cross pattern, then I brushed on a light blue acrylic paint.
The funnest part was to stamp some masking tape with StazOn inks and then cut it up in little strips to make flower petals.
Stamped some flowers with my StazOn pads.
Then I broke out my watercolor crayons.
I colored all the flowers, wrote the word "bloom" and colored in the bee.
Bloom is one of those words that is going to help me to "Shine" this year, I am starting small with a little blooming. :)

Art Journal January Day 8

Day 8 already, and I feel like we are just beginning.
Today's prompt is to pick a word that resonates with you for the coming year.
I chose the word "SHINE"
To me that word has many meanings, so I included the meanings found in the dictionary, and then journaled how I feel the word is going to help me throughout this year.

The supplies I used today were,
a background of handmade paper and old book scraps,
white gesso over the top,
twill scrapbooking letters,
a sprinkling of metalic stars,
metal flower embellishments with brads in the center, and a big metal S for Shine.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Art Journal January Day 7

The last day of the first week of January 2010!
Today's journal prompt was to include a smile in the page somewhere.
I decided since I haven't been drawing many faces lately, that I should give another one a go.
I had hoped to get a great big smile on her face, but it didn't seem to come out that way, she isn't sad though so I guess that is success.

Supplies I used:
2B charcoal pencil
Fineline permanent black Micron Pen
ColorSoft pencils- (that I got for Christmas, and oh are they yummy!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Art Journal January Day 6

Day 6 - wow, I am really enjoying the time I take each day to art journal. It is such a fun experience, and is helping me to find myself. I have been trying some new techniques. Some more effective than others, but it is a learning experience.

Here I have used the alcohol inks to draw a simple tree shape. I added a gel medium transfer, and lots of doodling.
The background is paper snippits covered with gesso, some stamped images of eyes, and a healthy dose of distress ink.
I chose to address what a tree means to me, and how I feel about my family.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Art Journal January Day 5

Here we are closing in on the end of the first week of the new year, and I am doing well, still energized, and excited about art journaling, and creating something each day.
Today I chose to add some little goals for this year in my journal page. I thought it was fitting with the theme of the day which is to incorporate a diary or calendar page into the page.
I have quite enjoyed adding Alcohol inks to my pages- I haven't done that before.
Here are my results:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Art Journal January Day 4

I am still keeping up with Milliande's Journal January, crossing my fingers that life won't get in my way too much and I can keep going.
Today's prompt was to use a checkerboard border somewhere in the page.
Here is what I came up with. At first I was not at all happy with the results, but I have come to accept it, and that is what art journaling is all about for me anyway.
I am sure there will be lots of ugly art in my future.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Art Journal January Day 3

Still playing along with Milliande on her January Journal prompts.
Today's prompt was to include a big circle in the design.
I chose to include some positive self messages to help me start out the new year.
Make sure you check out Milliande's site for all the other page prompts.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Journal January Day 1 and 2

As I posted before, I am participating in Milliande's Journal January.
I have to say I must be feeling inspired to do journalling pages again, because I got so into the pages that I forgot to take pictures of my background before I started on my Day 2.
So here are a couple of pictures of the pages after I was done.

It is hard to read in the photos because of the glare, but it reads:
"I will Believe in myself"