Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little wrap up of the goings on

Well can you believe I haven' t posted on my blog in 7 months!  That has to be an all time record for me. If you have been visiting and looking for new content, I apologize.  This past year was wrought with struggles for me personally, and obviously I didn't make the time to update my blog. As you can tell, I have been doing some digital scrapbooking in the last few years, and have not been concentrating on my art journaling. Not to say that I won't be sharing my journals with you again in the future, but for now I am concentrating on my health. One year ago this month, (January 2012) I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes. This was a big shock for me, I am not sure why I was so surprised, because I have been overweight my entire life, and have not been eating healthy or taking care of myself. I guess I figured because my cholesterol and blood pressure have never been in a watchful range that I had nothing to worry about. WRONG! I am lucky that it was caught fairly early and that there was a great chance that I could get it under control quite quickly if I worked really hard doing so.  I guess that is all the motivation I needed, because I immediately changed my diet and started taking better care of myself. The nurse that was helping me with education and support said to take it slow and just change a few things at a time, so not to totally fail, when I would have a setback. Well for me it was all or nothing, so I went great guns, and though my progress seems slow, I have managed to lose 42 pounds and have lowered my A1C from 7.9 down to 6.4. Which is in the acceptable range. I am by no means finished with my journey, but feel that I have made great progress, and have given myself that boost I needed to keep going.  2013 Is going to be an even better year, with more progress. I hope that I can continue to keep things in control as well as continue to lose all these extra pounds that I don't need to be carrying around, as well as hopefully finding a way to strengthen my back and improve my physical fitness. Hopefully I will be better about posting on my blog. I am not sure if it will be art related, health related, or posts about my kids, especially because Quincy is a senior this year and graduates in May, and then goes off to college this fall, but hopefully I will remember to post something :)  I might even post some photos of me. No promises, since I dispize photos of myself, but maybe some before, and during progress pictures? Definitely some pictures of my awesome family, and maybe some art if I feel like it.