Saturday, January 24, 2009

Concrete Angel

I am still working on Round Robin Journals- this one is for Susan. Her theme is How Great Thou Art, and is to create a page that showcases our own personal style.
I actually found this a little challenging, because I am not sure that I have a particular style. I think I am kind of "all over the place" with my art, and am inspired by so many different artists and artistic styles.
I have been striving to increase my sketching skills lately, and I have not been very comfortable in sharing them, because I don't feel they are all that "good." Then I realized that I am not doing art to "impress" other people, but to "express" what is in me.
So here is what I created for Susan. It was inspired by the song Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. It is a very sad song about child abuse, and I am not sure what it is about the song that draws me to it, but it has such a powerful and deep message.

The girl is done with several layers of different weights of pencil. I used my fingers for blending- I am sure there are better techniques, but this is working for me at the moment.
(If you want to see her details-you can click on the picture to see her larger.)
The wings started as a white handmade paper with a silver swirl pattern. I used gesso, and several weights of charcoals, pencils, and lots and lots of blending, to achieve the worn look.
The background paper was also altered with gesso washes, stamped images, distress inks, more color wash and then another coat of distress inks. I printed the words from the song onto tracing paper. I have not done this before, but all the vellum I have, is really heavy weight and I wanted it to be really light, so the images would show through. I had to spray it with fixative, because I used an inkjet printer, but I love the transparentness that it has.
I think it exudes a sense of peace.


Sandy..... said...

She's beautiful. I think you did a fantastic job!

Anne said...

Hi, Letha! I really like the angel wings. They're fabulous! :-)

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I love these journals. I just have no talent for it so have to search them out and buy them!

sharona said...

Letha, I see your name on all the list of winners that I have popped in on!, You are not only talented, but lucky also! See you at Milliande's! Sharon

Bethany Kartchner said...

This is gorgeous! Those eyes are simply divine! WOW!