Friday, January 9, 2009

Art Journal January DAY 7&8

This is a combination of both day 7 and day 8.
Day 7 was the collage background, which consists of metallic gold tissue paper, red mulberry paper, some metallic gold and red paisley wrapping paper and a vintage looking background paper from I think Anna Griffin. Then I took a watered down gesso wash and brushed it over the pages. It made to metallic pages too milky, so I took a towel, and wiped a bit off here and there to let the metallic show through a bit. Most of the wrapping paper wiped rather clean, but the tissue soaked the gesso well, so where I wiped it off, it is just a slight slimmer when held at an angle. It is really quite interesting.
The prompt for Day 8 was to create the "soulmate within" the description:
~ create an expressions of those parts within you that long to be whole unto itself.
Many of my very closest friends and family know what I have been going through since I was just a young wife, and it seems the older I get the worse things are, but I just struggle so much sometimes with finding the help I need to get through the bad days. I have not been feeling "whole" within myself, so I felt inspired to do this page.
It may not have any significance to any of you, and that is ok.

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artlover said...

Beautiful layout!
What's important Letha is what it means for you.

Mariette xox