Friday, January 2, 2009

Art Journal January

One of my main goals for the new year is to continue with my new found love of art journaling, and to take it to a new level.

So, when my friend Milliande told me about the Art Journal January program, I was very excited. Now, I am not much of a scheduler either, so we should be two of a kind - her and I.

I will probably not post every day, or share all of the things that I journal. Some days I will just doodle a little, or write some thoughts about my art exploration. I hope to share some things with you.
I will also be taking Pam's class soon, so that will be part of this mix.

If you would like to follow along with some of the prompts that Milliande has offered, you can catch them all on her website here at


jordan shoes said...

can you email me:, i have some question wanna ask you.thanks

Anne said...

Hi, Letha! Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year! :-)