Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Art Journal January DAY 5

Here is my journal entry for Art Journal January with Milliande.
It is my Zendala, for the Zen style prompt. I chose to do it in pencil, so the image is hard to see, but I wanted to try something new. I really like how it turned out in real life. It actually has a lot of dimension since you can achieve different weights with the amount of pressure you apply to the pencil.
There is a lot going on in my zendala. There is quite a bit of symbolism in my zendala. I will point out a few. The child's face in the flower. The footprint that signifies the "walk with me". There is a heart in hand, Eye for vision, flowers for growth, circles for unity, stars for alignment. I will let you look for more:0)


Anonymous said...

My favorite part of your Zentangle is the hand! Very nicely done!

Anne said...

This is very nicely done! :-)

Lori Anderson Designs said...

OK, this may sound totally wierd, but what a cool tattoo this would make!