Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Art Journal January DAY 6

This is my art journal January Day 6 - Self Portrait.
Wow- This was at first a really intimidating prompt. But the more I thought about it the more excited I got about it. The prompt was just the "excuse" and kick in the butt I needed to push me to try to do a realistic face sketch. I feel like now I need to keep going. I am not saying it is great, but there are parts of this sketch that I am actually kind of proud of. The funny thing is, I took SuziBlu's class on Petite Dolls, and she taught us about eyes, and the part I think I did the worst job on was the eyes. Somehow they are not level, and not the same size....Well, I won't go into it, but the part I really like, which is crazy, is my chin and actually my double, double chin. I really have a chin like that, and I think I captured it quite realistically. I know that sounds really bizarre, but hey, we all have parts of us that are "real" and I am not going to hide the fact that I have a poochy chin, so I might as well be real about it- right?
Anyway, here I am in all my sketchiness :0)


Kimmie said...

Great job with your eyes! I find them the hardest to do.

Anne said...

Hi, Letha! This is an amazing pencil sketch! You have every reason to be proud of what you've drawn! :-)

By the way, you've been tagged! See the details on my blog, Gaal Creative!