Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This week's word is Trust, and the challenge- to alter a photograph. There are probably a ton of ways to alter a photograph, but I was looking to keep the image fairly intact, so I used a sanding block to wipe out the outside of the image, and to scratch the focal point of the picture. I tried doing some other things to the photograph, like spraying with walnut ink, which was pretty much a fail! I even tried just moistening the photo with water, looking to age it in a way, which was also a fail! So I stuck with my original idea of just the sanding. I am thinking it was the inkjet photo paper I was using, because the ink was not very set, but after the third time, I just wasn't willing to keep printing and throwing the images away. lol. I like the vintage, rustic look that they are, so I decided to just leave them as they were.

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