Monday, December 21, 2009

A Little Festive

My girls REALLY wanted to decorate gingerbread houses this year, and now that they are teenagers, I feel like I can let them loose, with the warning that If You Make the Mess- You Clean It Up!
They were so good! I gave them each their frosting packets, a ton of candy, and they went nuts.
(They even cleaned up when we were done.)
I am surprised that there wasn't more on the floor, but they did remarkably well.
Here are the houses...
The left one is Abby's, the middle- mine, and the right one is Quincy's

Here is Quincy standing on her chair trying to press the last of the very thick pink frosting out of the tube, to make flowers. She must have needed a little more push than she could get sitting down. lol

This is Quincy's finished house.

This is Abby's finished house.

And mine, as you can see it is rather simple. I think it is too hard to stay focused.
So instead I was looking at the lights and ornaments on the tree, when...

A little visitor came by and landed in the tree outside my window. This birdie was so cute filling up on berries. I wish we had more birds come visit, as the trees are just chock-full of berries... plenty to share.
I can't wait til Spring when the new birds come and partake from the feeders. I think we moved in just a little too late in the year for them to recognize the feeders before it got cold. I will keep them stocked with seed just in case some stop by, maybe they will tell their friends. :)

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uniqe2speak said...

wow i love some of the photos very beatiful and inspiring! keep blogging! :)