Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Spiders

The Legend of the Christmas Spider

If you’ve ever gazed at the beautiful tinsel sparkling on your Christmas Tree and wondered who came up with idea of decorating the tree in this way, wonder no longer.

According to German legend, it signifies a Christmas miracle from many years ago. The day before Christmas, as the small house in Germany underwent its Christmas Eve cleaning, the resident spiders, not wanting to be swept up with the broom, hid in the attic. When nightfall came and all were settled into bed, the spiders crept downstairs. To their amazement, in the middle of the living room was a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree. They were so excited that they ran all over the tree. They scurried up the trunk and leapt from branch to branch. Unfortunately they had left their mark. A gray spider web now covered the whole tree.

When Weihnachtsmann, also known as Father Christmas, arrived he was amused to see the tree covered in spider webs. Now he faced a dilemma. The family would be disappointed to see their beautiful tree all wrapped in the webs, but the spiders were so pleased with their handiwork that he did not have the heart to take it down. What could he do?He thought and thought and came up with a wonderful solution. He turned all the webs into beautiful shimmering silver strands. When the family awoke on Christmas Morning they ran to the living room and saw their tree sparking and glittering in the morning sun. Their delight was unsurpassed. They had never seen such a beautiful tree. Only the mother knew that a true Christmas miracle had occurred overnight.

From that day on tinsel became a treasured ornament for trees all over the world. Those who know the legend make sure that they give thanks to the industrious spiders by hanging a beautiful silver or gold spider ornament in a prominent location on their tree.

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I made a bunch of beaded spiders this year for all my fellow Fireflies on Milliande Ning site, it was a ton of fun putting them all together and making each one unique.

This is the collection of spidies that I finished.

Close-up of one of the spiders.


Barb said...

I just love your spiders...and I was facinated with your story about them....I must tell my grandies about that!
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Michelle said...

These spiders are great! They look like a project that could be adapted for the kids too. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Brown
Melbourne Australia

Keron Lee said...

great work Letha, thanks for sharing the story - that's fascinating! Merry Christmas honey x Keron

An Evolving Artist @ said...

Hey, I had a bead spider at one time. I wonder what ever happened to him! Thanks for the invite to follow you, your muse, and your creative journies!