Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Purple Tree

My first Page for the Milliande Artist Dates, is Purple Trees.

I started by drawing my tree and then coloring it with watercolor crayons. I am really trying to use these more. I like the soft look of them. I then covered it all up- go figure. :0)
I added a fluffy sparky eyelash type fiber for the large branches, and then seed beads for the smaller branches. I used dyed purple cultured pearl beads for leaves. I think they were really fun to use for this project, as they are just different and unique. I used the brown fibers below the tree, because all the grass has died off for the winter here.
I am trying really hard to work on my sketchings, so I wanted to add an owl in the tree. It is late fall here, and if you listen carefully just before night hits you can hear an owl hoot from one of the trees near our house.


Brenda said...

I love this Letha, the fibers look great and I love your little owl in the tree. Verrrrry nice.

Wrick said...

aloha Letha, a quick hello as i try to get back into my own blogging here...

this piece caught my eye - the layering, the fabric-ing and texture are things i really like. when i see something like this i tend to think: " wow, i wanna do that!" way cool. have fun - aloha Wrick.

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