Saturday, November 1, 2008

Look What Happened At Our House

Wow! We knew we were having puppies, but for some reason we were not as prepared as we had hoped to be. I think things have just been so busy around our place, that I got sidetracked, and forgot to look at the calendar. Anyway, when we took her into the Doc, he told us 4 possibly 5 but not likely.
Well- Doc was WRONG!!!!!
We had a lovely batch of 6!!! And to top it all off 5 of them are boys.
We have a huge list of people who want girls- of course.
Meiya is doing swimmingly, but man, I didn't expect such a big litter. I know that there will be several happy families for Christmas, as these babies will be ready just a few days before the Big Day! I bet we have a few late deliveries on Christmas Eve :0)


Brenda said...

Oh Letha, they are sooooo cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh they are so sweet! Congratulations!
What a wonderful Christmas present they will make for a very lucky person!

Beks said...

Awww... I wish I could have one =) Someday I will have a place of my own with no pet rent and then I will be begging you for one!

kevinseo said...

HoHo, So lovely dogs..
I like those dogs~

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