Friday, June 13, 2008

Tin Box

This page is the third page in my art journal. My first digital page. The prompt was to journal something that you are grateful for. At the time, I was feeling rather bummed out because it had been raining non-stop for almost two weeks, and we had this stupid hole in the roof because of the old air conditioner (that didn't work mind you) that leaked like a sieve. Our family is crammed in a trailer house and I had this stupid bucket full of water sitting in the middle of the hallway floor. Needless to say, I think this prompt came at just the right moment, because I needed to really dig inside myself.
Even though I cuss it often, I am truely grateful to live here. We have a HUGE yard, and we are able to do just about anything we want to with the place, and the landlord did fix the hole in the roof- he just couldn't fix it while the rain was pouring because the tar wouldn't seal if it is wet, or cold.
I took a picture of the "ugly" door that is covered in bathroom tub surround- it is interesting to say the least, but now at least it is waterproof. :0) I do have a lovely pot of flowers that was a gift from a friend for helping with her daughters wedding reception. They are so lovely that they look so out of place there, but I love them so much, I don't care!

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