Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Art Journal Prompt

I am a member of an all womens Yahoo group, and we have been working on some Art Journal Prompts. This is the information on the prompt:
A Spiral - Art Prompt

~the spiral is seen as a universal symbol for growth, movement, and change.

What does the symbol of a Spiral mean to you?

*Paint, Collage, Doodle, Sculpt, Quilt, Journal, Digitize ... a spiral that originates from deep within your heart center and spirals out into your world surrounding you.

This is the spiral I created, it originated with a photograph of my daughter printed on canvas. The spiral is then done with oil pastel, and some white gesso. I also used some gesso and colored pencil to achieve the flow for her hair. I added the gem for a necklace, and the rhinestones, wings, and crown for accents.

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