Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Row House Swap

I finally got my houses finished for Lenna's Row House Swap. They go in the mail in the morning. Well, I guess, it is morning, but they will go in the mail when the Post Office opens, LOL. I have been so busy with all the life stuff that I have been having to deal with that I have not had the time I have wanted to devote to making art. I have had these little houses on my mind for quite some time. I had such great plans for them, but when I started to create them, my muse was gone- it must be on vacation!
The kids are getting ready to go back to school on Monday, and there are a million things that need to be done. I feel so overwhelmed, but yet I can't really put my finger on what exactly is weighing me down right now. It is weird that way with me. I know if I just hold out for a little while, it will pass, and all will be well again. I just have to keep creating- keep my mind on the good stuff :0)

Well, here are my houses:

*The first one is actually my daughter, Quincy's- she is so awesome! I have to brag, because we love to play together, and I was so blocked with these houses and was bouncing ideas off of her, and she put this one together completely by herself, so I told her it was hers, and she gets to keep it!
*The next one I just couldn't give up- It just spoke to me. I love the shimmer of the pale pink roof and the image is so sweet. The flower in
the corner is hard to see, but it is also a shimmery white.

I just loved this one.

*******This one has a picture of my two daughters from several years back when they were little, so I made it to give to my mom. She loves to have things that are handmade with her grandchildren in them! What grandmother doesn't right? I love these vintage pictures of my kids- they are my very favorite.


These are the rest of the houses that I made and the ones I am sending in for the swap.

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stampgram said...

I love them! The one you are keeping is wonderful...I would have kept it too. And, I am so excited that I get the one with the girls on it. Being a grandparent has such nice privileges!!!