Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bear With Me

Please be patient... I am having a case of indecision. In other words... I JUST CAN'T MAKE UP MY SILLY MIND!!! I know- I shouldn't shout on the internet, it is rude, and it annoys people. I keep changing my blog background, because I get bored with it, or it drives me crazy. I don't like this one either. I am so determined to have a 3 column, with a darker background, or a "classy" background, that I won't get bored with, or that won't annoy me after awhile. The little red butterfly was just driving me crazy fluttering around there, but doing nothing. And to top it all off, the "older posts" link was at the top of the posts section. Well, then I changed to a new template, and some how the HTML transferred, UGH. That is so annoying. I guess I am going to just have to do some searching til I find something I like, so stick with me till I get it figured out.


Sue said...

Hi Letha - not sure about your blog background either - lol - but just loving your Soul Journal pages ....

Sue said...

Meant to say - will visit again

Mary S Hunt said...

i know what you mean
i like changes too
and i also like how other bloggers can make their entries flow
WITH the image that partakes the story line
but ohhhh no
i can't seem to grasp that little task
don't bother to explain i won't "get it"!

the journal potpourries turned out cute cute cute!!