Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hometown Postcards

Well, here are my Postcards. I have been pondering over these little guys for quite awhile. I was doing these for Connie's "Where in the World" swap. We were to take postcards from your current place of residence, and alter them in some way with things that you like about your area. It would be hard to put anything but western stuff on my postcards being from Cody, Wyoming and all, but I did take an awesome picture of our state flower the Wyoming Paintbrush, and included that on one of them.
I think my favorite of the three is Annie Oakley. I really like the fact that the whole thing looks vintage, and I really liked that old ribbon with the beads on it. (I found that at a rummage sale!)

I liked the postcard of Buffalo Bill, because of the awesome leather work, but then I ended up covering it all up with the other images, so it didn't turn out quite as I expected.

The other one is of the Irma Hotel, which Buffalo Bill had built and named after his daughter. I think it was a little more difficult to work with because of the scale and the odd color of sepia. It is not black and white, but it is not the brown and white like the other two. (that's why I added the paintbrush flower- for a little color.)

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