Thursday, July 3, 2008

At Least I Know

Well, the verdict is in.
My doctor was out of the office all last week, and I had to wait to get an appointment- long story... anyway, I finally was able to get in to see him, and amongst other things. I was right. It started out as allergies, then a sinus infection... Well, I have walking pneumonia!
I am so frustrated because all of my family is going to be together for the 4th. My brother and sister from out of town arrive today, and I still feel icky. Doc promised I would feel better tomorrow, and I am holding onto hope.
With 6 prescriptions, and orders to get lots of rest- I am trying- really I am, I think I am making progress. The endless coughing is starting to subside, and I think the elephant sitting on my chest might consider finding a new place to park his behind.
I think I will be going to bed early tonight as we have the big 3 hour long Stampede Parade in the morning, then our family BBQ lunch, then we have the church picnic dinner, games and of course all night fireworks.
I think I will be one tired mom by Saturday!

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