Friday, June 13, 2014

Most of May's Art Journal Pages

It seems way too long since I posted my pages, and with us leaving next week for our big trip to Florida, I thought it best to at least post what I do have finished.
The funny thing is...I think I got so behind, because I tend to want to work in Chronological order, and the Week 17 prompt threw me for a loop.
Not that is was all that hard to decide what helps me Refresh, or renew, but how I was going to portray that on paper in a book - Harder than you would think!!
I REALLY struggle with drawing realistic things- characterized, I can do, but to make something look more real- HARD FOR ME!!
I chose to incorporate Pedicures into my Refresh pages, because, I have never had a salon pedicure since we practiced on each other in beauty school, and let me tell you- we were not good at it- LOL!
Last fall, Quincy really wanted to go for pedicures, so we went, and it was a blast. So relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating. Here is the kicker- I couldn't find an image of a pedicure on the internet, that I liked, and I think it is clear, I don't draw well, so it took me FOREVER to get the feet sort of close to the idea I was after. Now, I know they are not "pretty" feet. I wasn't going for your stereotypical super model feet, I was going for your 40 year old, stay at home mom who has never taken great care of her feet- like ever.  Quincy laughed, and said they look like old feet, and I retorted- "Good, that's what I was after". Don't get me wrong- if I had the skills to draw a great set of feet, that look all beautiful and natural, then I would have been all for "pretty feet", but it isn't happening.
I have added journalling since this photo was taken, but you get the main idea here.
Week 17 - Refresh 

Week 18- Creative Hands
This one was not so hard- I knew I wanted to trace my own hands, and use them in the page. I have seen lots of times where people use their hands to make a heart, so I thought I would give that a try.
I wanted to do the technique where you make a linear pattern across the page, and it makes it look like the images are popping off the page. Not a technique I have ever done before, and it did not turn out as I had envisioned, but hey- that is what an art journal is for- trying new ideas, techniques, styles, with lots of failures, some successes, and a few acceptables. This is one of those. 

Week 19- Photography
This page is still in the works, I have ideas, but have not fully wrapped my head around how I am going to put it together, so we will see later what develops.

Week 20- Inspired by a Book
AH! I love this idea, and I have the perfect book. One of my all time favorite reads is The Help. I am usually not much of a reader, because I have severe dyslexia, so usually by the time I am a few paragraphs in, I have forgotten what I have read, or I am so confused, because I have read it over at least 3 times, that I tend to get lost and not be able to follow the story line.  Not with this book! The Help was such a pleasure to read, and I enjoyed the personalities of each of the characters. Celia, I think is one of my favorites. I think I can really relate to her, and the troubles she had with staying pregnant. Out of 12 pregnancies, we were blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, but also had many, many years of heartache, and the toll it took on my body was immense. I would have loved having a large family, but it was not God's plan for me here on Earth, and I am OK with that. I cherish the moments I have had with raising my daughters. It was definitely not easy to have two kids with special needs, but it makes us stronger, and I think more empathetic to others that may be struggling in their lives as well. I love how that struggle played out in the book, and how Minny and Aibileen had such a good friendship, and stood by each other- through thick and thin. 
I love how Hilly, got a taste of her own medicine- literally! She was so determined to make the help use outside toilets, that sassy, Miss. Minny made her a special pie all her own! LOL
I love how Hilly's mom, just laughed and gave it right back to Hilly, and I love how Miss Celia put Hilly in her place by writing her a check to "TWO-SLICE HILLY" that was epic! 
It is a great read, if you haven't already, I highly recommend it, and the movie was great too!!!

Week 21 - Making a Mandala
When this prompt came up, I thought to myself- "EASY"! Boy was I ever wrong!! I get the whole idea of making a circle with repetitive patterns, and even adding Zentangles or something similar to it. That all sounds super simple, but wow, it is not! It was hard enough just dividing the circle into segments, and then just when you think- "I can do this" you get a mind block, or your eyes wig out and you can't tell which lines are your drawing lines, and which lines are your guidelines. I have an all new respect for those people that must spend hours, days, weeks, making intricate designs in their mandalas. My mandala took me 2 days, and now that it is complete it looks so simple. It was a good stretch for my brain though, and I am happy with the Bohemian look it took on after I colored it. I played with my Derwent Inktense Pencils- I LOVE THEM! They go on just like a colored pencil, but then when you wet them, they are the most vibrant colors. The best part is after they have been activated with water, and they dry, the ink is Permanent! Who doesn't love that- no need to seal the page, which in this book is a benefit, because it is getting REALLY thick, and we are only mid year. I am trying so hard to work flat, but if you know me, I love texture, and it takes a lot of conscience effort to not add big bulky stuff to my pages. Again, it is a good exercise for me, to step out of my norm.

June starts with the prompt- TRAVEL, since I am behind, I will most likely wait til we return from Florida, and journal all about our prize winning trip! 
That is all for tonight, I will come back soon with more fun stuff- summer is busy, so hopefully I will fit the time in to update you all on our goings on!

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