Friday, September 27, 2013

A Work in Progress

I have been spending the last few weeks on a canvas for a special someone, I hope it turns out as I plan, because if it doesn't- I won't be giving it to her. I know- I shouldn't be so critical of my art, but I am, and that is just part of the perfectionist in me. Not that my art is perfect, by any means, but if I can't find peace with a piece of my art, then I don't feel it is finished.
Anywho- enough rambling- I will post some photos, and would love to have a little feedback on where to take this next. My ideas may not be materializing as I hoped, so could use some honest critique, on what is pleasing and what might look out of place. I "tampered" with the face some, and have come to a "happy place" with it, no- it is not intended to look like a real person, it is a character painting of an angel, so yes, it does take on some whimsical features. I tried to make her look like a more mature being, instead of a younger girl, which is where most of my girl faces end up, which was rather challenging to me, but I hope I have achieved that more mature look with her. Your thoughts?

These are the first two photos I took of her. Her chin/cheeks were a bit lopsided, so I rounded that out, her hair was a bit flat, so I added some shadowing for dimension. Her eyes were way too dark- so I lightened them up a bit, her nose- well, it looks like it was broken at some point- I think I have that fixed. LOL 
Here are the new photos:

Full view of the canvas, I think I fixed all the wonky features, and her orange neck- LOL 
Close-up of the face and neck- I know her neck looks long and lanky, but I kind of like that look.
Just a necklace? I will pierce the canvas, and run the chain in to the back, and secure it there. Just not sure if it is too much, or not?
Just earrings? Not sure if they look right or not. I don't want them to look like two pearls just stuck to the side of her head. 
Extreme closeup of the dimension of the earrings. This is where I worry they may be too much, but I do love texture, so maybe they are ok?
Necklace and earrings? Overkill, or OK? Again, I love the added texture to go with the texture of the wings, but I don't want to over do it. Would love to hear your thought! 
Thanks for checking out my blog :)


Connie said...

What a beautiful piece of art! I liked the first pictures, then I saw the pictures where it seems like you softened her and liked it even better. I like the idea of the added texture with the jewelry, but I like it more without it. Just my opinion. I'm sure the special person will love it either way.

Cathy L. Calamas said...

It's beautiful. You captured a "mature" angel perfectly. My vote is no jewelry.

Anonymous said...