Saturday, August 27, 2011


The last of the prompts was Faith. The challenge- textiles. This was a bit of a challenge, as I had no idea how I wanted to incorporate fabrics into the art journal page. One night as I was laying awake unable to sleep, it occurred to me that I could make a little quilt for the page, so I did just that. With some scraps of material left over from projects I had done in the past, I cut out some squares and sewed them together to make a little quilt top and then adhered it to my page. I found a coordinating tag and wrote my little message on there and then added a piece of broken jewelry as an accent. It turned out pretty cool I think!


alteredbee said...

You are sooo right Letha. The quilt and the message just hit home with me.

M said...

Letha, I am following your Memories blog and am enjoying it so much.
Marti Stuart