Monday, May 16, 2011


The word this week is Sorrow, and the challenge- a used envelope.  I have to admit the used envelope has kind of thrown me for a loop. First, I don't typically save envelopes, so it is not like I have a variety hanging around to choose from. I do have bubble envys, but that was WAY stretching it for me. I don't have a letter from someone who has passed, or from a sad event. So I was really stuck on what to use for an envelope, but then I remembered that I had received a RAAK in the mail a little while ago, and the envelope had been stamped on, so I saved it. Now how to incorporate it into my journal page. Ugh.
Well, I knew I wanted to use an image of a cemetery angel, but how to make it all work together? I decided that I needed to use my Walnut Ink spray to age things a bit, and that seemed to tie things together. I also used Distress Ink to age the paper doilies, and distress the edge of my page. I know it is rather simple of a page, but I didn't think I could bling it all up when the topic was Sorrow.
Here is how it all turned out.

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Lorraine said...

like the image..hope your not having a sorrowful week