Monday, February 22, 2010

The end of Art Journal January

Well, here I am getting ready to post something all together different, and realized I never posted the last two pages of my Art Journal January. So I am taking a quick minute to post them. Day 30 and 31. The first of which is a fairly simple page, mostly done with a mixed up background of paint, gesso, and more paint, splatter paints, color mists and a little squishing it around with my fingers. Then I added some simple drawn images from a magazine, and colored them with markers, to make a simple but unique look.

Second is the last page in my journal, which is a fold out page, depicting gel medium transfer images of faces and eyes. I chose to take the opportunity to reflect on my month of journaling with this last page. I entitled it True Vision, with the reminder that I will create from within, with true intent, and with the hopes that I will learn, grow and see what and who I really am through my journaling.
As mentioned above, I started the page with many magazine cutouts of faces and eyes, and did a bunch of gel medium transfers with them, then I cut out a face and eye from a magazine, and adhered it to the top. I stamped the words with alphabet stamps, both on the flap and underneath. Then added my journaling and a bit of gold shimmer powder to the lettering.

I want to thank you all for traveling this journey with me, and hope to do it again next year. :)

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