Sunday, August 9, 2009

I can't believe I haven't blogged all summer!

I have truly been one busy lady! I intended to take the summer off from most of the hustle and bustle and get lots of art done, instead of all the usually running from here and there. I also wanted to get the studio/classroom set up so that we would be ready for fall... still not done. UGH!
We planned to go to South Dakota over the 4th of July, but plans were canceled because my mom got ill, and had to have surgery. So we have been taking care of her all summer. Back and forth every day. We planted flowers for her to look at, and cleaned off her porch so she could spend a few minutes outside each day~ Doctors orders!
Quincy turned 14~ that was a blast! We had a bowling party, and then went for pizza. It was Harry Potter themed OF COURSE :)

Both Quincy and Abby spent most of the summer doing art classes through the Cody Country Art League and Quincy did Tennis.
Beckie came to visit, which was nice, because she took care of mom while I took care of Bethany's kids while she had her baby. A big bouncing baby boy. Nathaniel River 8 lbs 5.7 oz. Nate is the cutest little plump thing! I was not so secretly hoping for a girl, but now that he is here, I don't think we will send him back- he is way too cute :)
Well, now we are getting ready for Mark's mom and sister to come and visit. Usually the girls fly out there and visit for a week, but this year they are coming to see us. The girls are excited to see them, and they are only going to be here a few short days, so we have a lot to squeeze in.
School starts in just a couple short weeks, and we need to do school shopping, so my plans for not participating in the usual hustle and bustle of the summer fuss went right out the window! HA-HA! Oh Well, maybe next year.

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