Monday, October 6, 2008

Slowly Getting There

I have been working on getting my Paper Traders Round Robin Journal ready to go out for more than a month now, and it just has not been coming together as I had planned, but that is just how things work for me. When I am down to the wire, and I don't have enough time for the paint to dry, then that is when my muse shows up, and it all falls into place.
My Round Robin book is titled:

Monochromatic Me

The gist of it is for each person to create a two page spread in a color scheme that best describes who they are, or that they best relate to. If they don't FEEL a specific color, then to pick their favorite color or to just go to the paint store and grab a paint chip and design a page around that paint chip. It should be interesting to see what colors show up!

I have my cover finished and I finished my sample pages today-whew!

(I am green- and Chunky- tee-hee)

I love green, I always have, and I absolutely love, love, love a ton of junky, chunky stuff all over my pages. The more junk and ribbons the better. I seriously don't think you can have too much. I hope that everyone working in my book will enjoy junking it up as much as I have.
(If you click on the picture above which is the left page or the picture below which is the right page, it will get bigger and you can see the detail much better)


Ritz said...

Letha..I love what you've done here. Love the colors and chunkies!! Love all those doodads on the sides of your pages!!

Kimmie said...

Letha, I love these pages! The colors and the images! Lovely little ladies!

Anne said...

What a gorgeous two-page layout!

handmade jewelry said...

lol,so nice