Sunday, April 27, 2008

Altered Journal - cover

Hi all-
This is the cover to my art journal.
It started out as a baby book. It was printed paper, light blue with darker light blue printed baby words. For one, I don't have babies at home anymore, and I never did have a boy. But I found this little book in the clearance at a shop that was going out of business, and it is the perfect size for me to play with.
SO....I altered it.
First I gave it a going over in streaks up and down and side to side with white gesso.
Let it dry, and then started adding things.
The letters are adhesive rub-ons, (you rub them on, and then when you pull the top paper off, they are sticky) I then glittered them.
I put down the images of the birds, and then the chipboard flowers in the corner.
When that was all dry, I gave it all a wash with pearlescent watercolor.
I did not really like the way it covered up the glitter, so I took a wet paper towel and tried to remove the watercolor from just the glitter letters. It seemed to work out ok.
When that was all good and dry, I added some glitter heart clear backed stickers here and there.
It looks quite pearly in real life, but I realize it is hard to see in the scan.
Because of the rings, it ended up getting a lot of light in on the left side, and the pearl finish doesn't really show.
It was pretty easy to do, but was kind of fun to see it just come together. No planning- just "plopping" as I call it.
Anyway- Hope you like it.

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